About Us

PITAYA – Your passport to sun-kissed confidence, every step of the way.

More than 3 years ago, we stumbled upon an extraordinary fabric developed using Swiss technology - one that held the power to solve numerous sun-related woes.

Imagine a fabric that shields you from sun allergies and photoaging, all while drying rapidly and effortlessly. A fabric that allows you to bid farewell to excessive sunscreen usage, yet still offers SPF 35-like protection, enabling a radiant and healthy tan to grace your skin.

We pondered and pondered, determined to intertwine unparalleled quality, utmost comfort, ingenious functionality, and captivating design. The journey was far from easy. Launching during quarantine threw unexpected obstacles our way, while the constant evolution of patterns, models, sewing technologies, and branding tested our mettle.

But we persevered, growing with each stumble, embracing constructive criticism, and evolving into something extraordinary. We firmly believe that the future belongs to those who prioritize self-care and self-love.

Welcome to the world of PITAYA, where we unveil the epitome of sun protection, empowering you to cherish your well-being and embrace your unique beauty.

Our bestseller

This is a swimsuit model made of innovative fabric, which:

covers 60-85% of the skin,

protects from sunburn

gives a light, safe tan

generates the release of vitamin D.

Thanks to closed swimwear models, you don't need to use sunscreen, which reduces harmful emissions into the ocean.


Prioritizing our planet's well-being, we craft each product after you've placed the order. From the moment you choose us, our skilled team diligently sews a swimsuit with utmost care, tailored exclusively for you within 1-5 days, depending on demand.PITAYA gladly accepts order cancellations within 24 hours of purchase, ensuring flexibility and customer satisfaction. We understand the urgency of getting your swimsuit into your hands swiftly, which is why we immediately transfer your order to the next stage, ensuring it reaches you in record time.

Step 1.

Your order is processed and sent to production

Step 2.

The fabric and materials for your swimsuit are carefully checked and put to production.

Step 3.

One of our talented seamstresses work on your order.

Step 4.

The final steps of creation — we add accessories and labels to your swimsuit.

Step 5.

We check the sewing quality.

Step 6.

We pack your order with love and prepare for shipping.❤️